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How to (Bluntly) Stop Instagram From Scrolling to the Top

Article TitleHow to (Bluntly) Stop Instagram From Scrolling to the Top
Meta DescriptionLearn how to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top with blunt methods.
Word Count1000+ words
Key Methods DiscussedThird-party apps, enabling Airplane Mode, disabling auto-refresh, using older app versions, providing feedback to Instagram
ConsiderationsSecurity and privacy, app updates, trial and error, user experience
Target AudienceInstagram users frustrated with the app’s scroll-to-top behavior
ConclusionProvides practical solutions and considerations for a smoother Instagram browsing experience
Call to ActionEncourages users to try the methods discussed and provide feedback to Instagram for improvements
Additional ResourcesLinks to reputable third-party apps (if applicable), Instagram feedback channels
Publication PlatformDigital platforms discussing social media, technology, or app customization

Social media platforms like Instagram have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering a constant stream of content that we can scroll through endlessly. However, one common frustration for many users is the automatic scrolling to the top of the feed when tapping the Instagram logo or the top of the screen. This feature can be disruptive, especially when you are deep into your feed and want to resume from where you left off. In this article, we will explore several blunt methods to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top, allowing you to have a more seamless browsing experience.

Understanding the Issue

Before delving into solutions, it’s important to understand why Instagram behaves this way. The app’s default behavior is to return users to the top of their feed when they tap on the Instagram logo or the top of the screen. This feature is designed to provide quick access to new content and refresh the feed. While it can be useful in some situations, it can also be annoying for users who prefer to pick up where they left off in their feed.

Blunt Methods to Stop Instagram From Scrolling

  1. Use Third-Party Apps: Several third-party apps and browser extensions are available that claim to disable the automatic scrolling feature on Instagram. These apps work by modifying the app’s behavior or intercepting certain actions to prevent the scroll-to-top behavior. However, it’s important to note that using third-party apps can pose security risks, so choose reputable apps with positive reviews.
  2. Enable Airplane Mode: This method is a bit extreme but can be effective. Enabling Airplane Mode on your device disables all wireless communications, including Wi-Fi and mobile data. Since Instagram relies on an internet connection to refresh the feed and scroll to the top, turning on Airplane Mode can prevent this behavior. However, you won’t be able to interact with other online features while in Airplane Mode.
  3. Disable Auto-Refresh: Instagram automatically refreshes the feed to show new content. By disabling this auto-refresh feature, you can prevent the app from scrolling to the top when you tap on the screen. To do this, go to Instagram settings (accessible through your profile), find the “Auto-Refresh” or “Auto-Scroll” option, and turn it off. Keep in mind that disabling auto-refresh means you will need to manually refresh the feed to see new posts.
  4. Use Older Versions of the App: Some users report that older versions of the Instagram app do not have the scroll-to-top feature or behave differently in this regard. You can try downloading an older version of the app (if available) from reputable sources like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, using older versions may limit access to newer features and security updates.
  5. Provide Feedback to Instagram: While this may not provide an immediate solution, providing feedback to Instagram about your dissatisfaction with the scroll-to-top feature can influence future app updates. Instagram values user feedback and regularly makes changes based on user input. Use the app’s built-in feedback option or reach out to Instagram through their official channels to voice your concerns.

Considerations and Caveats

  • Security and Privacy: When using third-party apps or modifying app behavior, be cautious about potential security risks and privacy concerns. Only use trusted apps from reputable developers.
  • App Updates: Instagram regularly updates its app with new features and bug fixes. Keep your app up to date to ensure optimal performance and security. However, be aware that updates may introduce changes to existing features, including scrolling behavior.
  • Trial and Error: Not all methods may work universally across different device models, operating systems, and app versions. It may require some trial and error to find a solution that works for your specific setup.
  • User Experience: While disabling the scroll-to-top feature may address a specific annoyance, consider the overall user experience and how it aligns with Instagram’s intended functionality. Balance customization with usability to enhance your browsing experience without compromising core app features.


Dealing with Instagram’s automatic scrolling to the top can be frustrating for users who prefer a more seamless browsing experience. While Instagram does not provide a built-in option to disable this feature, several blunt methods can help mitigate the issue. From using third-party apps to enabling Airplane Mode or tweaking app settings, exploring these options can give you more control over your Instagram browsing.

Here are 10 FAQs related to stopping Instagram from scrolling to the top:

  1. Why does Instagram scroll to the top automatically? Instagram’s default behavior is to refresh the feed and show new content when users tap on the app’s logo or the top of the screen.
  2. Can I disable the scroll-to-top feature within Instagram’s settings? Instagram does not provide a built-in option to disable the scroll-to-top feature in its settings.
  3. Are there third-party apps that can prevent Instagram from scrolling to the top? Yes, some third-party apps claim to disable the automatic scrolling feature on Instagram.
  4. Does enabling Airplane Mode stop Instagram from scrolling to the top? Enabling Airplane Mode can prevent Instagram from refreshing and scrolling to the top, but it also disables all internet communications.
  5. Will using an older version of the Instagram app help? Some users report that older versions of the app behave differently regarding the scroll-to-top feature.
  6. Is it safe to use third-party apps to modify Instagram’s behavior? Use reputable third-party apps to avoid security risks when modifying app behavior.
  7. Can I provide feedback to Instagram about the scroll-to-top feature? Yes, Instagram encourages users to provide feedback through the app or official channels.
  8. Will disabling auto-refresh in Instagram settings prevent scrolling to the top? Disabling auto-refresh may help prevent scrolling to the top, but you’ll need to manually refresh to see new posts.
  9. Do app updates affect Instagram’s scroll-to-top behavior? App updates can introduce changes to Instagram’s features, including scrolling behavior.
  10. How can I balance customization and usability when addressing this issue? Consider the overall user experience while exploring different methods to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top.
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